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(23 May)

We are a full member of
The Antiquarian Booklellers Association of America


NEW WEBSITE Activated on Friday 27 May

The new website will become active on Friday 27th May. You will know the difference as the new home page has a dark green header. The test site is working well and I am trying to get all the photos working, at least for the books by Churchill. This website design has lasted 13 years through at least three rewritings, but is now past due for replacement. The new site will have a fully operational shopping cart, notifications and wants, search by category, and the capacity for much larger images.

NEW Catalogue 158 in the mail 23rd May

Catalogue 158 will offer the largest collection ever assembled on Churchill speech pamphlets. There will be at least 250 items including some that are the only known examples. Pricing will be much lower than seen elsewhere for pamphlet material. Please email me if you want to receive a copy in the first mailing. All the pamphlets and their hi-resolution photos have been uploaded to the new website (see above) and so should be searchable on Friday. Just click Pamphlet in the list of categories. I will also be creating a download version of the catalogue. This will be ready on Thursday or Friday, if there are no sever problems with the new site.

CALIFORNIA ANTIQUARIAN BOOKFAIR in Pasadena 13-15 February 2016

We again had the pleasure of exhibiting at the California Internation Antiquarian Bookfair. W showed a good selection of superb Churchill books, saw lots of old friends, and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of old Pasadena.


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New Catalogue 156 Holiday Gift Catalogue ready 23 November

The objective of this catalogue is to offer a selection books that are highly attractive and in superb condition so as to be suitable as gifts. So this is not a listing of collectable first editions or obscure wartime relics. Rather, it is mostly books from the past 25 years, most of which are deluxe or limited editions and some of which are signed by the author(s). . Click here to downlaod a copy, or contact me to request a printed copy.


New Catalogue 155 of Fine First Editions ready 31st October

I have now completed a catalogue featuring the highlights of the 48 boxes of books received this month. It includes 127 items, some really scarce and/or fine copies of books by Churchill, 9 books signed or inscribed by Churchill, and a good selectiopn of the truly rare proof copies. Click here to downlaod a copy, or contact me to request a printed copy.


Another Large Collection arrives Oct 2015

I have just acquired another very comprehensive collection of books by Churchill including first editions, scarce later editions, proof copies, and speech pamphlets. Some of the highlights are:

  • The People's Rights 1910 in publishers cloth binding, one of 100 copies
  • Presentation binding of SECOND WORLD WAR, one of 100 sets
  • THE RIVER WAR, 1st edition set in superb Bayntun binding
  • a like new first of WHILE ENGLAND SLEPT in dustwrapper
  • The one volume LORD RANDOLPH CHURCHILL with a lovely dustwrapper
  • Colonial issue of SAVROLA
  • a signed set of MARLBOROUGH with a pre-publication dustwrappe
  • two books inscribed to Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roger Keyes
  • a proof copy of GREAT CONTEMPORARIES
  • a clean set of THE COMPLETE SPEECHES
  • a very nice Canadian first of IAN HAMILTON'S MARCH

The plan is to have this catalogue completed by the end of October. This first catalogue will concentrate on first editions and other scarce editions. I now have over 90% of the possible editions of books by Churchill in stock, and will be doing additional catalogues over the next six months. Feel free to advise of your wants.

Churchill Magazine Collection Liquidation

I have about 8 shelves holding at least 500 magazines that need to be cleared. I have started listing on ebay but that is a slow process, so will offer these to my customers at clearance prices. This collection consists of both magazines with articles about Churchill, and magazines with images of Churchill on the front cover, and of course sometimes both. You can have as many as you want at $1.00 each plus shipping.

SHELF QUEENS updated 13th August

I have been buying Churchill books since back in the 1980s and my database now records over 36000 purchases. As you would expect, there are always a few items that seem to sit on the shelves forever. I am starting a new programme to seek out the books that have been here the longest and offer them at huge discounts to move them on. Here are the next three offerings:

19460 MARLBOROUGH 4 volumes in publishers half leather binding. Originally offered at $800.00 in catalogue 102 in 2003. SOLD   10440 Step By Step US first edition 1939 in nice dustjacket. Acquired at auction in 1997, first offered in Catalog 93 in 2002 at $425. Now $150.00   23042 The World Crisis one volume abridged edition, US edition 1949 in red cloth. Originall $50.00, now $15.00

Big Churchill Book Collection arrives 10 September, 2013

I have just received delivery of a massive collection. It includes every edition of all the books by Churchill, with scarce dustjackets going back to 1920. On nearly all the books, the condition is fine. I will commence the dispersal of this collection with Catalogue 145 later in September.



ONLINE Guide to Books by Churchill

This recently activated feature of this site begins with a checklist of all the book length works by Churchill. Each title on the list then links to a page about that title with a brief discussion of the various editions, with a colour photo of each of these editions. Clicking on any of these descriptions or pictures will then give a current listing of copies of that edition in inventory, with the usual description and colour illustration.


  We have without question the largest stock of Churchill material anywhere. There are over 5000 items in stock, covering the whole range of Churchill collecting:

    We do not simply have a copy of each title by Churchill; there is usually a shelf or more for each title. MARLBOROUGH has 14 shelves, overflowing onto the floor. This enables us to turn "wants lists" into satisfied customers.

The Churchill Book Specialist

PO Box 90689
Tucson, AZ 85752