SAVROLA was Churchill's only book length fiction. Whilst certainly not his best book, this tale of a palace revolution in an imaginary country of Laurania, does give an insight into his values and ideals. Publication in England was held up to allow a serial in a magazine to finish, so the American edition of 4000 copies by Longman's Green of New York is considered the true first, although the exact date is uncertain. The English first edition by Longmans followed shortly in February 1900. Many collectors favour the British editions of such a very British author. Truly fine copies of the English edition are exceeding difficult to find as foxing is seen on the page edges of most. The print run was only 1500 copies, so this title is likely undervalued at present There was also a Colonial edition which is even scarcer. Newnes issued a "pulp" style edition in 1908 with several illustrations and cheap paper very prone to browning. A cheap reprint in red hardcovers was produced by Hodder & Stoughton in 1915, and offers a low cost but very old book. Random House produced a new edition in 1956with a new foreword by Churchill with a nice dustjacket featuring the Halsman photo of Churchill looking over his lakes. Many booksellers mistakenly call this a first edition as it so states, but it clearly is not. The only modern paperback was published by Beacon Books in 1957. Finally, Leo Cooper issued a hardback in 1990 that is now again out of print, but copies are still available here. As there are no maps or illustrations, nothing is missed by reading one of the later editions or paperbacks.  
English first US 1st Colonial edition
1908 pulp edition H&S 1915 cheap edn 1956 hardcover
Beacon paperback Amereon limited edn Leo Cooper edition

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