IAN HAMILTON'S MARCH, the second book of Churchill's Boer war despatches, was first published in 1900. There have been no modern reprints, other than the recent combined title The Boer War. The book was bound in red cloth that is prone to wear and like most red books, is often faded. The second edition is identical to the first except for "second edition" on the title page and some variations in the catalogue at the back. The first edition print run was 5,000; only half that of Ladysmith, so a scarcer title. The was also an American first edition published in New York, with same binding style as the American Ladysmith, making a nice matching pair. The Canadian 1st edition is very scarce. There is now a new release called "THE BOER WAR" which contains this text plus Ian Hamilton's March, published by Leo Cooper in 1989, with a US version from Norton, now out of print but still available here  
1st Edition US 1st Canadian 1st
2nd English edn Boer War UK Boer War US

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