LORD RANDOLPH CHURCHILL was the first biographic work produced by Churchill. The first edition (1906) was a two volume lavish production with colour plates, heavy paper, high leading (space between lines) untrimmed page edges. The Times Book Club edition used the sheets of the first edition, trimmed down a bit and bound in cheaper cloth. This version is actually far scarcer than the first edition. There was also a 2 volume US 1st edition, very sismilar to the English first, but top edges gilt and a slightly different cloth binding. A one volume edition with the full text but thinner paper was then issued in 1907 and was in print at least into the 1920's. A modern one volume edition was printed by Odhams in 1952, but is far less common than some of the other Odhams reprints. I have produced a new edition to make this work more readily available. This new edition uses sheets from The Collected Works and is the same text as the 1952 edition.  
1st Edition 1st US edition Times Book Club
1907 one vol Odhams 1952 new edition

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