MY AFRICAN JOURNEY is a tale of Churchill's visit to East Africa as Under-secretary of State for the Colonies. The first edition is bound in bright red cloth with an illustrated front board having a picture in black, grey, and blue. of Churchill standing over a dead rhino. The cloth is very thin and very prone to wear and fading. Truly fine copies are almost never seen. The first edition includes many photos taken by Churchill which do not appear in later editions. The American first edition used the same setting but was bound in plain ugly brick red cloth which proved very prone to fading. Hodder & Stoughton issued a pulp softcover edition in 1909 with a colourful illustrated cover. The title was then out of print for 50 years until the Holland Press edition in 1962, which did retain a selection of the orignal photos. Paperbacks were issued by ICON in 1962, NEL in 1972 and Mandarin in 1991. Heron books released a small, but nicely bound in red leather, edition in 1965. The best hardback reprint is probably the new Leo Cooper edition in 1989, with a US version from Norton.  
First edition 1st American 1909 pulp
Holland Press Icon pb Heron edition
NEL paperback Leo Cooper edn Norton edition

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