THE PEOPLE'S RIGHTS is the scarcest Churchill first edition after the two great rarities. It is a collection of his speeches on topics such as free trade, a balanced budget, and a graduated income tax. The first edition was published in 1910 as a paperback with yellow wraps. It was printed on cheap acidic paper and most copies are heavily browned and often starting to crumble. Published simultaneously was a hardbound version in dark red cloth, which is quite scarce. There were two states, the second has a second appendix in place of the index. Please note that both states are true first editions, and it is extreme hair-splitting to worry about the precedence. As it was really a political pamphlet, few copies were saved. The price should really be higher than Malakand or River War, and it may get there in future. Fortunately there was a reprint in 1970, by Cape in London and Taplinger in New York, but even that is now seldom seen.  
1st paper 1st cloth Cape reprint
Taplinger reprint    

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