ARMS AND THE COVENANT (While England Slept)


ARMS AND THE COVENANT is a must for Churchill fans. It contains most of the speeches from the mid 30's when he was warning of the Nazi menace. It was never reprinted and there are no cheap editions available. The first edition is an attractive book in blue cloth, blind ruled box on the front cover and blue top edges. The first issue dustjacket was printed dark blue on light blue paper. A later issue dustjacket was printed in red on yellow paper with a reduced price on the flap, but still on first edition books. The yellow jacket is far scarcer, so it is fortunate that most collectors seek the blue. The American first edition title is WHILE ENGLAND SLEPT, which was probably too painful a reminder for the home audience. There were a total of four impressions 1938-40, but the later impressions were small quantities. This is an important title, but unfortunately it is out of print, and I have been unable to source a low cost edition.

1st edition 1st red/yellow dj US 1st

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