STEP BY STEP 1936-1939


STEP BY STEP 1936-39 is a collection of newspaper articles, not speeches, telling the sad tale of Europe's march towards war, with Churchill warning the whole way. The first edition by Thornton Butterworth was publsihed in 1939 just 3 months war broke out. There were 3 further impressions within a year. The dustwrapper is plain, not often seen, but still probably the easiest of the pre war titles. The American first edition by Putnams used the same binding as previous titles, but the dustwrapper colour is now green. Macmillan had a wartime edition with the same appearance as its other Churchill titles. Odhams did a reprint in the late 40's so low price copies are available. There have been no paperbacks and no reprints since 1949 other than a very scarce library issue in 1971. This is a shame since this book should be required reading for all those who believe that peace can be achieved unilaterally.

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