The Seventh and final volume of the war speeches. Publishes five speeches that were initially delivered to the House in Secret Session and thus unpublished at the time.The first edition was published in 1946, again by Cassell. Slimmer than the other volumes but same series binding light blue cloth. 96 pages. The dustwrapper is plain white, unlike the shaded colours of the previous volumes.

The first American edition had a new publisher, Simon & Schuster. The binding was a dull grey with gilt titles that are usually so dull as to be unreadable. The dustwrapper was a new designed in red and green.The Canadian first edition continued the series binding and jacket style. The Australian first edition ignored the British jacket design in white and followed on with series design, with orange blending to bright blue.

1st edition US 1st Canadian 1st
Australian 1st    

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